UTC Sheffield Students Meet Expert Employer Mentors

18 November 2015

UTC Sheffield Students Meet Expert Employer Mentors

Every term UTC Sheffield meet with mentors from an array of Creative & Digital and Engineering sector businesses as part of the exciting ‘Employer Mentor Programme.’

Local, national and multi-national businesses continue to support the region’s first University Technical College by providing project support and mentoring to students through participating in the programme.

The event is highly beneficial to both employers and students as it offers employers the chance to meet students and discover emerging talent, and gives students the chance to meet industry leaders and experts to discuss their personal skills development and career paths.

 UTC Employer Mentor Event

The ‘Employer Mentor Programme’ runs sessions outlining the different levels of support that employers can offer. This ranges from mentoring and setting coursework or work-based projects through providing work experience and placements.

Assistant Principal, Brigidin Crowther who designed the programme, explains how it works,

“We match students to employers very carefully to ensure that both employers and students have the most valuable experience possible. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to meet employers face to face and discover more about the industry they wish to enter. Employers like meeting potential future recruits and young people have the benefit of specialist career advice from industry insiders.”

Businesses also have the chance to tour the facilities, meet staff and students and hear about the UTC’s progress and future plans.

The session began with an update on the progress of the UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park campus which is due to open in September 2016 and will specialise in Human Sciences and Computing. Businesses attending included: Atkins Global Engineering, Benchmark Recruitment, HR Media, Sumo Digital, Can Studios, Cutlers Hall Hospitality, Evolution Printing, Finger Industries, Mott MacDonald, Newburgh Precision, Portland Works, Sheffield International Venues, SiemensAardvark Swift, HLM ArchitectsLavender InternationalRolls RoyceWarp Films  and Primetals.

Chloe Wood from Cutlers’ Hall Hospitality commented, “I’d have loved something like this when I was in school, it is definitely something I would have done. I feel that this type of opportunity was missing from my school experience and it is great to help young people by giving them experience and insight by starting networking early.”

UTC Employer Mentor Event

Jonny Ford of Finger Industries, who was taking part in the event for the first time after providing masterclass sessions to UTC students, commented, “When I was at school I didn’t have a sense of where I fitted in, events like this at the UTC offer career guidance to talented students who aren’t sure of where they fit – it’s good to know there is somewhere for you as a result of these sessions.” He added, “There is a shortage of animators and 3D modellers within the local area, as many are situated around the bigger companies in London. It’s great that UTC students are learning these skills from a young age; it means we can encourage them and show them progression routes.”

Another newcomer to this term’s event was Atkins Global Engineering. David Jenkinson commented on the value of their first session, “We are struggling to find top quality skilled applicants for all job levels,  and the UTC has allowed us to engage with younger people to gather interest and create awareness.” He added, “Programmes like this allow us to inspire people to become engineers, whether it be with us or anyone else in the industry, and we can encourage them to carry on their study to University from as young as primary level.”

Over 50 employers are already backing UTC Sheffield in a range of ways. This includes providing guaranteed recruitment interviews, sponsorship and work placements, setting industry-based projects, ‘Spot the Talent’ and the mentoring programme.

Key supporters include Siemens, Newburgh Precision, Rolls-Royce, Sheffield Forgemasters, The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing, Performance Engineered Solutions, Warp Films, Sumo Digital, Resolve IT, Visionmix and Red Tape Studios.

UTC Employer Mentor Event

Aime Niyona gize who met top global civil Engineering Mott MacDonald said, “It was inspiring and really, really useful! Thank you!”

Anjali Kaladagi added, “It made me aware of new and exciting areas I hadn’t even thought about before. Thank you to Atkins Global!”

And for Ben Singleton and Maddie Fearn the chance to meet Sumo Digital was “inspiring!” and “just excellent! I was blown away.”


To get involved email Brigidin Crowther, Assistant Principal, bcrowther@utcsheffield.org.uk.

Further details about our work with employers can be found on our employers page.