Geography GCSE

Geography GCSE

AQA Specification A GCSE – Full Course 8035

What will I do on this course?
Beginning in Y9 you will study a combination of physical and human topics that are designed to give you an appreciation of the world around us and the challenges we face. These topics include development, resource management, hazards along with fieldwork skills. All these topics have a strong emphasis on how we make decisions that will help us live sustainably on our planet. This is a key theme that runs through the GCSE course and is incredibly important to today’s society and is an essential business skill.

The course comprises of:
-Living in the physical environment (physical geography)
You will study a range of topics. You will study; Natural Hazards, UK physical landscapes, Coasts and Rivers landscapes and the Living World (Tropical Rainforests and Hot Deserts).
– Challenges in the human environment (human geography)
Again you will study a range of topics. You will study; Urban Issues and Challenges, The Changing Economic World, and Resource Management (Food, Water, Energy).
Geographical Applications Exam
Part 1; this section contributes a critical thinking and problem-solving element to the assessment structure based on a resource booklet given to students prior to the exam.
Part 2; you will complete a fieldwork investigation on both human and physical geography. The methods, skills and your geographical understanding will be assessed during an exam.

How will I be assessed?
– One tier of entry
– The course is linear from Y9 onwards;

What skills do I need? You need to………
-Take an interest in topical subjects and be aware of geographical issues arising at a local, national and global level.
-Be willing to conduct research and work independently with a degree of initiative.
-Be willing to attend trips and make the most of enrichment opportunities offered.
-Be competent in use of ICT for research purposes and production of geographical enquiries.

Any other essential information?
Geography equips with a range of desirable skills that are highly sought after by employers. Recent data shows that Geography students had the highest levels of graduate employment (Higher Education Careers Service Unit). Geography is also one of 8 facilitating subjects rated by the ‘Russell Group’ of universities.

You will have an opportunity to attend a fieldtrip in the summer term of Y10 and a revision weekend in the spring term of Y11. Extra field visits may be arranged to support the course where appropriate.

Where do I find out more information?
If you want any further information, please see Miss Ayling, Geography Teacher