Engineering Design Cambridge Nationals


Cambridge National in Engineering Design helps students understand the processes of engineering design and how market requirements inform client briefs. Through practical activities they develop skills in computer modelling and model making and how to communicate design ideas effectively.

Qualification Type

GCSE or Equivalent

Qualification Level

Level 2


R105, This unit provides the opportunity for learners to develop their understanding of the requirements of design briefs and design specifications for the development of new products. Through research and practical activities, learners will understand how consumer requirements and market opportunities inform design briefs

R106, This unit will enable learners to perform effective product analysis. They will research existing solutions and assess the development of engineered products. Learners will develop dexterous skills and gain practical experience of product assembly and disassembly to appreciate manufacturing processes, design features and materials used

R107, This unit develops techniques in generation, concept development and the communication of design ideas using hand rendering and computer-based presentation techniques including computer aided design software

R108, This unit requires learners to apply practical skills to produce a prototype product or model using craft-based modelling materials alongside computer-controlled or rapid-prototyping processes. Learners will produce at least one prototype product in the form of a model and test design ideas in a practical context, to inform further development utilising more complex production processes

How will it be delivered?

R105 – Externally Assessed Examination

R106/R107/R108 – Coursework Assessed units