Art & Design GCSE

Art & Design GCSE

Examination Board: OCR

What is this subject and why should I study it?
This subject allows you to express your creativity through learning about portraiture and mixed media artwork. Art and Design includes skills from graphics and photography to illustration and drawing that is vital to careers in advertising, journalism, architecture and design. The skills development will allow you to develop your drawing and painting skills whilst working alongside new forms of media.

Course Content
You will develop your skills in Y9 to develop Drawing, Installation, Mixed-media, Printing and Painting. You will use a variety of materials to create original pieces. You will be encouraged to develop your own unique style and you will be given the opportunity to explore the work both modern day and historical artists.

How is the course assessed?
The work for the GCSE coursework will not be taken until Y10.
You will be building skills in Y9.

Any course requirements?
You should have an interest in drawing still life or people and graphic design.

Where do I find out more information?
If you want any further information, please see Mr Coalwood, Art Teacher