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This section of the website is for employers interested in working with UTC Sheffield. If you are a parent or a student interested in finding out about employer-led learning at UTC Sheffield please click here.


Developing your future workforce

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) have been designed to meet the needs of employers for up-and-coming young talent with the scientific and technical skills to fill the jobs of tomorrow.

UTCs take students as young as 13 and offer a combination of highly regarded technical qualifications alongside GCSEs and A Levels. This combination of academic excellence and industry-standard vocational training is unique, equipping students for sought-after apprenticeships and top universities.

Sheffield is the only place outside of London to have two University Technical Colleges or UTCs:

  • UTC Sheffield City Centre on Shoreham Street which specialises in Creative and Digital Media alongside Engineering
  • UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park near Meadowhall which specialises in Computing alongside Health and Sport Sciences

“Working with employers is at the heart of everything we do”

Nick Crew, Executive Principal, UTC Sheffield

Students study in state-of-the art facilities using industry equipment and attend from 8.45am to 5.00pm each day, reflecting the world of work.

The curriculum is developed with regional employers as well as with both of Sheffield’s leading universities, and the learning experience includes a broad range of activities with industry professionals and academic experts.

Now UTC Sheffield is looking to deepen partnerships with existing employers and to work with an ever-growing range of partners.

What makes the UTC special is the breadth and depth of partnerships with employers and universities.

The industry-focused curriculum and the whole approach of the UTC enables students to develop the professional behaviours required by employers, such as problem-solving, time management, organisation, team working, leadership and communication skills.

Students at the UTC benefit from:

  • projects provided by employers to fit with particular units of the curriculum
  • opportunity to work in project teams, trying out different roles
  • regular trips to a wide variety of workplaces
  • tailored work experience
  • talks and masterclasses from industry professionals and academics
  • mentoring from employers giving an insight into different career paths and the skills required

Here you can read about some of the work out partners currently do with UTC:

Get Involved

Sharing your knowledge and experience will not only help students with their studies, but will also increase their understanding of what people in your sector actually do and the breadth of opportunities available. At the same time, you gain the benefit of working with talented and enthusiastic young people.

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Provide a project for students to work on
  • Offer a visit to your business
  • Offer work experience
  • Run a masterclass related to a project or a specific aspect of your business
  • Mentor a student or a group of students
  • Support one of our open events to talk to students and parents
  • Tell your colleagues and business networks about the UTC
  • Feature a profile about UTC on your website or in your staff newsletter

Provide a project

Our curriculum is built around projects, as well as traditional classroom learning. We can offer you unrivalled opportunities for you to identify future talent and guide our students so that they understand the traits which industry values; in turn, the projects you provide  will form part of the qualification they are studying. You just need to have a project idea, related to your business, which supports our teaching objectives. We will design the project with you and manage it. The project could solve a real problem for you and your organisation, or could be focused on designing a new product or service.

You will be involved at the initial briefing stage, at regular review points and when students submit their final work. There are usually three stages:

  • Client brief session – for you to deliver the brief and allow students to capture requirements
  • Design session – students present to you their requirements analysis and initial designs
  • Completion/review – students present back their completed work for acceptance/feedback

Host a visit

We want to ensure that students experience the workplace to see exactly how industry works. Trips can be anything from a one-hour tour to a full day with on-site activities and opportunity to meet and speak with different staff. If you think you can offer any of these, please let us know so we can discuss how this fits with curriculum. Visits aim to reinforce classroom learning objectives and showcase future opportunities and can be tailored to ensure both your organisation and our students gain maximum benefit.

UTC plugs the hole that I felt has been ignored for years in the education system around high quality vocational learning in schools.

Giles Grover, Small Machines

Engage your staff in mentoring

We arrange opportunities for employers to discuss with students their aspirations, employment prospects, studies or industry queries. Mentoring is a great way to see what students are doing and guide them on the right path to becoming industry professionals. Mentoring is also a great way to build the communication skills of your staff as they interact with our next generation of talent.

Offer masterclasses or workshops

We want our students, your future workforce, to have access to the latest professional thinking so our aim is to ensure that students have regular opportunities to hear from employers, through workshops and masterclasses, to enhance and contextualise classroom learning. We would agree a brief with you and manage the session.

Spread the word

We hope that you will wish to share information about the UTC with your staff, partners and networks.  We will provide you with a Communications Pack, which includes our logo and standard descriptions, for use on your website and in your newsletters.

Sponsorship Opportunities

UTCs are funded by the government, which covers all the essentials. To ensure that we can provide exceptional opportunities, we need the support of our employer partners. There are two types of sponsorship opportunities available:

  1. Student Support Package
  • Sponsor an individual student you have talent-spotted through your engagement with the UTC or through our bespoke ‘talent matching’ process where we work with you to target those with particular interests and skills
  • Offer guaranteed interviews for a given number of 16 or 18 year olds upon successful graduation from the UTC
  • Provide a bursary to cover uniforms, travel costs and student specific consumables for students attending the UTC who come from more challenging backgrounds
  1. Buildings and Facilities
  • Sponsor an area of the UTC used for a particular purpose, or sponsor a specialist room, which would then be branded with your organisation’s name and logo
  • Donate specialist equipment or sponsor the renewal of existing equipment – this could include donating equipment which you are renewing yourselves

Investment into the UTC will ensure we are able to work closely with you in order to deliver the talented staff you will need in the future.

Not only will you influence the skills being taught, but you will be putting your brand ahead of competitors in the race for talent.

Benefits to Employers

Why should your organisation be involved?

University Technical Colleges provide a truly innovative and much needed approach to blending vocational and technical education, bringing industry and education together to ensure young people are learning the technical and professional skills that the UK economy needs.

This is a chance to get involved in equipping young people with the skills your organisation needs to grow.

What are the key benefits?

  • The opportunity to shape the skills that are taught so that our young people will be your work-ready recruits
  • Savings on recruitment costs as the UTC will offer access to a ready stream of talented young people able to take up apprenticeships or jobs with training
  • The opportunity to be matched with the best possible candidates in our region – including advertising your apprenticeship opportunities directly to our students
  • The chance for your brand to be showcased at local, regional and national level through our marketing and PR activities

Marketing and PR opportunities

UTC Sheffield is actively building a high profile brand that stands for excellence in employer-led education. Each year, there are a number of prestigious events and press releases alongside our annual recruitment drive when we are communicating with thousands of young people and families across the region.

There are opportunities for you to be featured and showcased in these promotional activities in a variety of ways:

UTC prospectus and promotional materials

Partner names and logos are prominently featured:

  • In a dedicated section of the prospectus and the website
  • On handouts and informational material tailored to specific events
  • On marketing display stands
  • In promotional videos

UTC Advertising and PR Campaigns

By agreement and in collaboration with your marketing and PR departments, there will be opportunities to appear:

  • In advertising campaigns both online and radio
  • In press releases
  • In media interviews

Get in Touch

If you are interested in working with UTC please do get in touch, you can contact us by emails at: or by phone 0114 260 3970

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