Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire students with the relevance and challenge of solving real-life employer and community related problems. Our students will rapidly gain the confidence in both technical and employability skills to become the creative contributors on whom our businesses and public services will be able to rely for shaping and driving the future of our society.

The curriculum at our UTCs will provide a blend of academic and technical learning, with balance appropriate to each Key Stage. Integration of employers and the contextualisation of the curriculum is critical to the success of its implementation. That same curriculum will build the vital employability skills, personal values and professional behaviours required by UTC leavers for rapid progression into the UTCs’ target technical sectors. Students’ learning in all our UTCs will be enriched and stretched by regular exposure to the work of target sector companies and partner universities. The overall quality of education in our UTCs will be substantiated by the ambitious progression and destinations secured by our leavers.

Essential characteristics of the UTC curriculum

Aim: UTCs have unique character and educational contribution. Their aim is to invest in young people’s enthusiasm and aptitude for science, maths and technology, and in doing so to accelerate their progression to a career in a technical field. Such progression will feed the talent pipeline into the UTCs’ target technical sectors.

In serving this common aim, UTCs have curricula which share distinctive elements. These distinctive UTC elements are secure (protected by governance), observable (monitored jointly by governance and executive) and show impact (demonstrated by executive and reviewed by governance).

The distinctive curriculum at our UTCs will:

  • Provide a balanced curriculum which remains as broad as possible whilst meeting, in an age-appropriate manner, its over-arching technical intent. Programmes of study will demonstrate high academic and technical ambition for all pupils.
  • Encompass a mastery of mathematics, English language and digital skills, which are central to curriculum intent. In particular the curriculum will, at the earliest stage, secure those levels of literacy and numerical fluency essential to excel in Level 2 and subsequently Level 3 and higher studies.
  • Equip pupils with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. In the national curriculum this is described as ‘the essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement’. The UTC curriculum will ensure such cultural capital includes familiarity with the most significant applications of the ‘best that has been thought’ in the fields of science, engineering and technology, i.e. in terms of the best that has been invented, designed and built. Furthermore, the UTC curriculum will build pupils’ understanding of the significant global challenges that frame the lives of educated citizens.